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The highest compliment you can pay us is the introduction to someone you care about.

We value and appreciate your trust and the referral of our store and services.

“I love Dogma & Fetch! They have all the things Charlie needs and he gets the best treatment while being groomed! Rebekah is wonderful!” – Sandra McDaniel

“I found Dogma & Fetch while walking down Congress Street a few years ago. I met the owners of the store and they go out of their way to help you. To me good customer service is something there is too little of now. The store is well stocked with food and any thing a spoiled pet wants. Daisy & Dolly love getting their bath and nails trimmed there.” – Janice Williams

“Five Stars! Best Dog Store Ever!” – Scott Jenkins

“This is the neatest shop in all of York County!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything and everything you might even think of for your furry family member is there. The store owners are very nice and very knowledgeable about their products. Then, if you need grooming for your dog, well this is the best place around. They have the number one dog groomer in York County also.” – Kay Cheek

The friendliest people I’ve ever met! Great with animals, questions & all your fur babies needs!!!! Dogma & Fetch is the #1 store. 100%! Love you guys. Thanks for all your great help!” – Sebrina, Kateline & Mary

“Best store ever. They have amazing items, great prices and friendly service. I go out of my way to shop there.” – Patricia Sexton

“You guys are wonderful people and I think I’m lucky to work with you. Anyone would kill to have the environment you two provide.”      – Brittany Robertson

“LOVE this store and the groomer. Thanks for the picture!” – Darlene McKelvey

“Five stars! Love this place….unique gifts and treats for our pets…owners always so friendly and helpful….and so caring for the community!!” – Wanda Foster 

“Best dog store and grooming around York county.  :)” – Brenda Austell

“I love this place. My dogs love the homemade treats and it is the only place I will take my baby to get groomed.” – Jennifer Rearick

“So glad you carry Thundershirt! We kept the storms at bay! Andy also had one of his best grooms, ever. Thanks again!”
– Stephanie Jarrett

“We have been looking for a great groomer, as most we have used don’t listen to how we want our Shih Tzu’s trimmed and groomed. Rebeckah was wonderful, nice and great with our girls! She did such an awesome job! We will definitely use her from now on, as she has done the best job! They have never looked so good and smelled so nice 🙂 Great place!!” – Carl Nell

“I have been to many pet stores. Lived most of my life in Southern California & frequented pet stores in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, & LaJolla. DOGMA & FETCH is the BEST!! Awesome merchandise, great owners. My little female cocker, TeAmo, loves going there. She loves getting groomed. Rebekah does a beautiful and loving cut. TeAmo loves to explore the merchandise and do her shopping. Can not say enough nice things about Kenny & Jordan. We love DOGMA & FETCH!” – Marti Washington

“This is a great place love Teddybear’s hair cut. I am a very pleased customer…can’t wait for ya’ll to get his picture up!! :)”
– Betty Wix

“I went into the store to do some Christmas Shopping, I was very surprised with what all they had to offer, lots of great things, toys clothes, treats, all kinds of things. The guys helped me choose the Leash I had so wanted for a long time and for my dog a beautiful birthday cake and a soft blankie for her, It was a very good experience. I will be back, to get my dog groomed all so!!! Thanks Guy’s!” – Elizabeth Davidson

“I look forward to a future at Dogma in business with two of the nicest folks I know. Thank you for everything. I really appreciate it all.”    – Brittany Robertson

“Great place!!! My dog loves it there too!!!” – Samantha Small

“Dogma & Fetch has an awesome and cute selection of clothes, beds, toys, bags, you name it!! And the edible goodies for dogs are to absolutely scrumptious enough that humans would want to eat! I was also impressed with their choice of dog food. They have excellent choices for a healthy diet. Most dog stores don’t do their research and it reflects on the type of dog foods they sell. I have found Dogma & Fetch to be a wonderful grooming place as well. Our dogs always come out looking fantastic after their day “at the spa”. Dogma & Fetch are always very accommodating and welcoming. I would and do recommend Dogma & Fetch as the best pet boutique in York County…after all, they did win “Best of the West”! Thanks, Kenny and Jordan!” – Karen Parker

“We LOVE DOGMA & FETCH!!! Thank you Kenny & Jordan for having all of our favorite toys and showing them to our Mom!!!”
– Benito & Dexter Bearden

“Got Lucy groomed there today, the day before Christmas! They stayed open late to get us in — wow! They’ve got two stories of some cool dog stuff you should check out!” – John Crawford

“Kenny and Jordan are the best. If I ever have a question and they don’t have the answer they will research it to find out. Molly loves going to the store to look for new toys.” – Karen Lloyd

“This store is awesome. Not only do they have unique items (toys, dog clothing, collars, home decor, etc), it’s quality merchandise. The staff is very friendly and helpful and they have a great selection of anything pertaining to your pets needs, with all natural options in many cases which I love. However, my main reason for writing this review is the grooming they offer. I took my puppy in for the first time and was absolutely shocked at how great of a job they did. I was expecting him to look nice, but I didn’t even know he could look as shaped up as he did. He almost looked like a totally different dog but I was so impressed (he had really long hair that had gotten a bit out of control). They met with me for several minutes prior to his appointment to discuss what I wanted, the best options for his fur type, and did everything that I asked…and even had a special running that month so he got complimentary nail filing instead of just clipping. Kudos to Dogma & Fetch…I will be going back for certain and won’t even consider taking my pup anywhere else for grooming.” – Katie Thompson

“That’s my boy. Great job on the groom as always!” – Gregg Adams

“OMG I can’t believe how good my Ellie Mae looks after her visit today! And I could just get lost in the store, so many cute and useful things! It’s the only place I ever plan on taking her from today on. LOVE it!” – Yvonne Matson

“Love this store!” – Kim Love